Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Colder Still and an Eclipse!

We had -37F this morning. I got up early to finish off some work on the Bible Study.

The day got warmer. We made it up to -8F.

Today there was an eclipse of the moon. I suppose this eclipse will be the most digitally photographed to date by amateurs like me.

But the day got warm enough that we had Lenten services at Nazareth.

We had Bible study afterward.

The forecast was for -17F this evening.

But when we got home at 9pm it was already -24F.

It's going to be another cold night.

The car almost didn't start when we were getting ready for services this evening.

So how did we get the whole family to church with our van pulled apart and in the garage in Fosston? We have very kind and generous members. Juel and Anabelle took some of our kids with them to church and home this frosty evening. Thank you so much.

The eclipse started here about 7:20pm, during services. So I didn't get any photos until we got home about 9pm.

The eclipse was total at about 9:26pm. And about 15 minutes later it started to lighten up.

I think that my camera does well in the dark parts of the eclipse. But as soon as there is some bright contrast it cant deal with the brights.

But the effect is kind of cool.

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