Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Bus Crash

I grew up not far away from Cottonwood, Minnesota. The bush crash there on Tuesday has made national news now.

I know one family involved. A schoolmate, Leslie S., had a child on the bus. His child was the last one let off the bus before the crash.

While I am thankful for that, I am deeply saddened at the deaths of the four children. I cannot help but imagine my own kids being helpless in a similar situation.

Emily Olson, Reed Stevens, Jessie and Hunter Javens died in that crash. Please keep their families in your prayers.

Please also pray for the bus driver and his family, the pickup truck driver and his family, and the young woman who ran the stop sign and crashed into the bus.

Our kids had piano lessons today. In view of the tragedy back in my own stomping grounds, I am grateful to God to have my wife and children home safe.

We had worship at St. Petri with Bible study afterwards this evening. I made a hospital call in TRF for Herb W. afterward.

Herb is the grandfather of my member Brian W. Herb has Emphysema. This disease may take his life. He has also had a heart attack in the last few days.

Please keep Herb, his family, and all the others I have mentioned who are facing severe physical trials in your prayers.

Corella, thank you for your kind words in your email.

Jettie, I didn't really forget about you with the book tag thing. I didn't want to assume that you would want to participate. But since you wrote back about it, ok, you're it. Page 123, the fifth sentence, and the following two sentences of the nearest book at hand. Put it up on your blog, and go ahead and tag as many others as you feel comfortable tagging.

Joel, I'll try to call you some time Friday afternoon so we can chat. Thank you for the consideration about Lent being a busy time. But unless I talk with you soon, I will likely become negligent in dealing with your request.

Kim and Barb, thanks so much for the use of your truck.

I got the parish calender done tonight and sent to the newspapers. Nobody's proof read it yet. Alyssa, there's a printed copy on your desk for the morning. Please make copies for the congregations. We'll be at our tax accountant in Clearbrook in the morning. And I don't have my paperwork done yet.

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