Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We have a cold virus that has done some ugly things to a couple of our kids. This first photo is nice. Stella fell asleep "reading" a book on trucks. There's not enough detail in the photo to see what's going on with her cold.

This particular cold has cause her to have cold sores on her face, by her eye, and in her mouth.

Really, except for the smile, she looks like she's coming down with smallpox. But she's not.

Mary has been away from Church for the past two weeks with sick kids. Stella is starting to improve quite a bit. But I had to make some mittens out of socks and duck tape them to her wrists so she wouldn't scratch her cold-sores----especially by her eye. The doctor says it's nothing to worry about. And he's a father too.

I got a good photo of Mary reading to the kids one evening this week. Only Stella and Matthew are not in this photo. Stella was probably putting some toy in the toilet. Matthew was probably sitting in a chair reading "Popular Mechanics."

Over the past 2 weeks I've had a number of pastoral visits and serious situations with a few families in our parish.

We have a member, Rodney, who went through his examination after colon cancer and was declared free of cancer. Thank God. We've had a member, Muriel, who has had to have her husband moved into a "memory" wing of a nursing home. Please keep them in your prayers. We've had a young man and his children return to church after a long absence and a difficult year of struggle, thank God. We've had a member be diagnosed with cancer, but it appears to be a very treatable kind of cancer, thank God. And I've tried to keep up on the shut-ins in the past couple of weeks.

Today I visited shut-ins up by St. Petri. Jimmy, I saw you at the Grygla corner. The hay looked like it was tied down tight on your trailer!

I've received a few wonderful emails since Yvonne's funeral. I hope to be able to answer them in the next few days, for those who wrote, and for those I met in TR and elsewhere, I hope to answer you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dad, you know that Stella is in the photo of Mom reading to us kids; she is behind Mom. Elsie