Thursday, January 31, 2008

Too Much Going On

I don't know where to begin.

There have been a lot of things going on since my last post to this bog. I'll try to make things clear through a few posts.

I try to practice the various weapons and arts of self-defense that I've learned through my life. Clara and Sophie were particularly interested in practicing the Nunchaku.

Clara did well in passing the Nunchaku over her shoulder. Stella, well, she's only 3 years old.

But she did very well when she worked at the over hand pass.

Let Pr. Schmidt's boys beware of my daughters! They will know how to handle themselves in any case of need.

Steve and Sarah, let your sons know that my girls are prepared for anything physical!

Your sons will have to woo my daughters with true, Christ centered affection if they want to have any hopes of surviving courtship.

In our telephone conversations when one of our girls have answered the phone, Pr. Schmidt has teased our daughters as if they were daughters-in-law. They have no problem teasing him back.

So, it has been a very busy week with lots of hospitalizations.

Baby Nolan L. went into the hospital Sunday with RSV. I baptized him three months ago. After an uncomfortable time for him and his folks, prodding nurses, nebulizer treatments, O2, and such, he was able to go home on Thursday, I think.

Milan R. was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Tuesday with some kind of internal bleeding. They found an ulcer on Tues eve. He was flown to Fargo on Friday.

Oskar N. was hospitalized Sunday with some kind of infection that caused his memory to fail. He was released Tuesday evening.

Darrow L. was hospitalized the past weekend. The previous week he had undergone the torment of the tests and procedures for his first chemotherapy. He has a bad burn on his arm from the chemo. Anyway, something caused his white cell count to go way down. So he was put in a sterile isolation room to prevent him from contracting any other infections in his weakened state. He was able to go home on Wed. But he was back in the hospital Friday because the burn on his arm was getting infected. He might get out on Saturday (tomorrow). The arm looked much better today, he looked pretty good.

There were a couple of other hospitalizations of other members, but they want privacy. Please keep these members and their families in your prayers.

Monday Mary and I brought our van down to Clearbrook to have the front end looked at. Mary ditched the van last winter and the front end was rebuilt. It's been making some noise so we had it checked out. Thursday morning we went down to get it. Jeff guarantees his work. He fixed up what was wrong and wouldn't take a cent from us. Thank you, Jeff.

Now, there were several other things going on too. But I'll have to put them in subsequent posts.

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