Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Sorry, no photos this entry.

Sunday we had 27 below zero F temperatures. Nazareth canceled church, Oak Park canceled church. St. Petri had late service, and it warmed up to a toasty 17 below by that time. So we had church and a dinner, and annual meetings. Matthew came with me.

Roland K. said he had a lot of Jack Rabbits, so Matthew and I made note to stop by his place before the season ended.

We got home around 3pm.

I had to unplug a toilet, thanks, Stella.

Monday, Winkel-the circuit 8 pastors met here at Oak Park. All but one of the pastors could make the meeting. Mary made pork loin chops and potatoes for noon meal. All very yummy. I put out Frieda's Kimchee. It's not as good as Sanjay. And neither are as good as my homemade kimchee. Which reminds me: I have to make some tomorrow (Wed). For supper the pastors that could went out for a dinner at the Evergreen in Thief River Falls. The food was great, and they understand about Gluten-free diets. Matthew and Louisa baby-sat the other pastor's children at our parsonage. The dinner was a wonderful time of friendship and stories and food.

Again, I had to unplug a toilet; thanks, Stella.

Tuesday: This is my day off on Winkel weeks. Usually I take Mondays off. So, how did I spend this day off? I did relax: A Lot! I read. But I left home at 4:45pm to go to Lancaster for a 6:30 class. It was a DNR class for Volunteer Firearms Instructors. I'd never been to Lancaster before. And by the time I passed Karlstad I was almost getting a nosebleed from the high latitude. And frostbite was starting to set in because my car's heater couldn't keep up with the ambient temperature of 17 below at 55 mph. The course went until 10:30pm. I was the student who traveled the furthest. But I have to give the instructor some great credit. He came from Remer, MN (east of Leech Lake).

The course was good. I have to pass a criminal background check (which I've passed 6 times in the past 4 months for other reasons) and, hopefully, I can be certified as a DNR qualified Volunteer Firearms Safety Instructor.

One of the reasons I took this course was our annual Clearwater Youthgroup Shootout. I want to be more competent in what takes place in instructing our youth groups and their guests. Another reason is that I greatly appreciate our 2nd Amendment rights and hope to promote that appreciation to the next generations.

So figure this day off as an exercise in my American Citizenship.

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