Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sophie's Birthday part 2, Stella and the Toilet

Sophie wanted pizza for her birthday dinner. Not just any pizza, but personalized to each eater. Matthew whipped up enough dough to make a bunch of gluten-free pizzas. And the kids had fun putting the toppings on their own pizzas.

So the party started with food preparation.

By now, we can make a great pizza sauce from scratch. Matthew's dough was great. He tried tasting a bit of Xanthan Gum (an ingredient we use to duplicate the sticky nature of gluten) and it stuck to his teeth.

Sophie looked pleased with the meal. And this photo melts my heart. I am such a softie. I can't describe how much joy fills my heart to see Sophie, Elsie and Stella smiling like this during Sophie's birthday dinner.

Actually, I have a problem. I love kids. At the last convention of our Synod (the ELS) an older pastor and friend asked me about my family. He was suprised to hear that we had 8 children with one on the way at the time. "Do you know what's causing this?" he asked, jokingly. "Yes, I do" I replied, "But it's so fun." "It sure is" he said. I replied, "But I meant raising children." He did a double take and laughed a wholesome and hardy laugh.

But I mean what I said to that retired pastor. I love my kids. I love making them happy. And as frustrating as it can be, I love teaching them to be responsible adults.

Well, at dessert it was time for the birthday cake. I took photos rapid fire as I do at each birthday. I hope to get an action shot of which-ever child in the act of blowing out the candles.

Sophie was so fast and had such lung power that her candles were out almost before the cake hit the table and we had finished singing the last line: "Happy birthday to you."

Sophie wanted shortbread cake with strawberries. Mary made a gluten-free recipe. It was great. But--irony of ironies--Sophie thought it was too sweet.

One thing is very consistent with Sophie, she hates her vitamins. She gets a children's multivitamin and an extra chewable vitamin C each supper time. She said she likes her vitamins a bit more than her birthday cake.

We laughed.

I think we'll keep a slice of her birthday cake frozen for the times that she doesn't want to swallow her vitamins!!!!

Sophie says "Thank You!" to all her relatives that sent gifts, especially: Char and Dave, and her Grandparents.

She's sitting in a chair that was a gift, wearing a gardening apron and all the gardening apparatus that were gifts, holding Barbies and other gifts. Elsie is trying to keep the gifts from falling off her lap.

Sophie enjoyed her 6th birthday. She was the first of our kids who was born up here in this parish.

After her were John (at the time also when by brother died), Stella (who now has a fascination with toilets), and Donna (who has just started to be able to sit up).

So, I bring a practical question of parenting to the readers. I'd like to be able to magically change Stella, hypnotize her or something.

In the past 7 days I have pulled several hair doo-dads, a comb, a bracelet, a necklace, and a few other things out of the main toilet in our house.

A few days ago, something got past all of us, and Stella's deposit in the main bathroom caused the toilet to plug.

I bought a toilet screw and cleared the blockage.

Today she put one of my camera's 1GB memory cards in the mudroom bathroom toilet. AAAAHHHGGGHHH!

Thankfully the memory card is a small SD card and didn't plug up the system. What an expensive kid! Remember the Whinne the Pooh post on my 41st birthday? Everyone here is on alert for Stella's dive bomb toilet deposits. If you have advice on how to teach a 3 year-old her responsibilities in this matter, please tell us. This is a new diversion for us.

If only I could hypnotize her not to do this.


Anonymous said...

They have child proof toilet locks at the store. Check out there baby proofing section. Short of making her fix all of her created problems and having her fish them out I don't know what else to do. I haven't had this problem yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

One of Gracie's things lately is to take the plunger to the toilet. Maybe we need to get the 2of them together. Or, maybe not. I don't know if I can manage more than one 2 1/2 year old right now. :)

Love you guys,