Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sophie's Birthday part 1

I have a couple of daughters who are waaaaayy too sensitive to what they might think other people would think about them if they looked uncool for a moment.

So, this morning, Sophie's birthday, Elsie decided that my hair was long enough to decorate. It started out as a shoulder rub, but then out came the girl power hair-doodads.

So, girls, is this an embarrassing enough photo of your dad to show you that he's not trying to make you feel bad, but just trying to teach you to enjoy silliness from time to time?

Car wouldn't start this morning. Church at Mt. Olive was called off last night due to the extreme cold.

Indoor recreation was the best idea, since noses froze in 3 minutes at -27F outside.

Louisa gave me a haircut after this. Matt finished the cut off by getting rid of most of the tufts.

We still had to go out this afternoon to the grocery store in Oklee for a few things for monday. And I went to Jaime and Laura's to get some whey so I could make a batch of Kimchee. They are so nice. They taught me how to make my own. "I'm going to teach you how to fish" said Laura. She definitely didn't mean that she didn't want our family visiting theirs again. And she gave me some raw milk as a starter. In a few days we should have some whey and some cream cheese.

I took Louisa and Elsie with me. But they didn't want to go home. "It's Sophie's birthday party when we get home!" They came.

A mile north of their place we saw a UFO. It didn't swoop down and give us a chicklet (Bill Cosbey fans). And, of course, it was too dark to get a good photo. The spot in the middle of this photo is the UFO. I used the night photo setting on my camera to get this. It really wasn't this light. I took a dozen photos and this was the pathetic best.

I think someone by Red Lake Falls was out in a hot air balloon this evening. I can't figure out why someone would pick an evening when the temperature was -20F and lower. Maybe it made for good lift with the burner.

But since there are so many Texans this week who saw a UFO I thought I'd put up my own UFO. Ha!

Off to Sophie's birthday party.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

If you don't have a consistent source of raw milk, you can use good quality, whole, plain yogurt instead.

I've been making yogurt every few days, lately. When a batch is a little too runny, I'll use it for making whey and cream cheese. You don't have to separate it first, like with raw milk, and you can follow the directions you were given to strain it.

What I do, is to line a strainer with a coffee filter and put it over a bowl. I pour the yogurt in (and usually put another coffee filter on top) and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning I have cream cheese and whey. The cream cheese should keep for about a month and the whey for about 6 months in the refrigerator.


Joe Abrahamson said...

Thank you. This will be a great help. I love sauerkraut and kimchee. And finding a way to get whey that is easy is a great gift.

I hope you, Dave, and the kids are doing well.

We love you all.