Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lazy posting

Quite a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks.

Honestly, I haven't really had time to sit down and type up an entry to this blog. It does require some planning and thought to write out these entries.

Matt and Clara went out to burn the Christmas wrappings in our fire pit. They like fire. I like fire. Fire can be fun. And they both know how to have fun with it safely.

But ever since we've come home, Stella has been putting things (combs, hair bobs, toys) into the main toilet. Arrrgh! We aren't there at the time she does it. But fortunately, so far, the older kids have noticed before they use the toilet and we can extract them (I pull them out with my hands).

I've got an ice-cream bucket that I'm filling with these things.

We've had a number of wonderful foggy mornings that have given us beautiful hoar frost on everything.

In general the temperatures have been nice, between 10 below and 20 above. Though, we did have a day and a half above freezing.

No, I didn't have the time to clean all the snow out of the driveway during the defrost. Yes, we now have extremely hard snow and ice in our driveway.

I found a deal on Cornish game hens at the grocery store. I haven't had one in about 5 years, so I thought I'd get 6 for our family and try cooking them.

They were a hit, but 6 was too many. 3 would have been enough for a meal. It was a tasty experiment. But I'm done with 1/2 grown chickens. If they are on sale again I might get them, but the bones are too small and too much trouble to deal with for our toddlers. It's like serving fish that hasn't been de-boned. When I serve fish I make sure there are fillets that have no bones in them so we don't have to manage too much with the little ones. But the Cornish game hens are a bit too boney to do this easily.

And Matthew, what can I say. He loves his stocking cap. He wears it all the time. His stocking cap stinks, we try to get him to put it in the wash. But it is always on his head.

Of course, I make him take it off for meals. Here's what he looks like with it off. I'm reminded of Mr. Heat Miser in the "Year without a Santa."

But I think the similarities are quite noticeable to anyone who has seen that movie

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Anonymous said...

That line about extracting toys from the toilet with your hands should really speed up the greeting line at the end of your services!