Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's Day. It's time to go home!

We were greeted with hoar frost and sun dogs this morning. We were a bit worried about the wind and weather, but the traveling looks fine.

We took a more traveled route home. It took a bit longer. We fueled up at Glenwood and ate at Alexandria.

Some of the kids wanted to stop at the hunting store by Parkers Prairie, but it was closed on New Year's day.

Waking up to travel was a bit difficult for a couple of the kids. I think this photo of Stella captures the sentiment pretty well.

We were glad to get home: all cozy, nestled in our own warm beds. But, by accident, we had left the furnace too cold. It took a little while to warm the house up. But I'm sure that the savings in fuel while we were gone more than made up for it.


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