Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food Prep

Nancy, I'll get you the hymns for lent and beyond sometime today.

Last night I separated the whey from the cream-cheese. I used some of the whey to make kimchee. We ate the milk solids that floated on the top of the whey. I put it out as a topping for our hush-puppies with a little oregano. That was good. There was only about 3Tbs of milk solids floating on the top, so we all shared.

After getting about a quart of whey off the cream cheese I tied the dishtowel and hung the bag. A few hours later I had another quart of whey. And the bag was dripping slowly. I bottled that quart and set a bowl under the bag for the night.

Today I packed about a pint of cream-cheese into glass containers. Man, it is good.

I also took the most cloudy quart of whey and brought it to a boil, added a bit of salt, vinegar, and basil. During this process Louisa and some of the kids thought the whole thing smelled like puke. Then I put it through a coffee-filter. The solids left behind are ricotta (reboiled) cheese. There was about 1/3 c of this ricotta. We gobbled it up for noon meal today.

Laura, thanks for the milk and the directions.

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