Monday, December 10, 2007

Window licking

I remember the little kids on my school bus route when I was a kid. Come winter, many of them would lick the frost off the windows. They didn't sit in the same seat each day. And I doubt that the bus driver sterilized the windows before each run of the route.

Wonder why kids pass sickness? I don't.

So, here's Stella and John enjoying the cold weather and being told "Quit licking the window!"

It's been kind of fun to have the snow. But it means a bit of work too. Kyle is so good to come over and plow out the church lot and the driveway. Thanks, Kyle.

And the winter has its own kind of beauty. I'm sure I will enjoy the riot of colors in the spring, especially the apple and plum blossoms.

But there is some great beauty in wind sculpted snow. I don't care if you agree or not. I like it.

Just keep the kids away from the windows and computer screens.

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