Monday, December 31, 2007

Time with my folks.

I am ever so grateful to my Deacons who were able to read the Office of Prime and the Sermon I gave them while I was away. I cannot express how much I appreciate their willingness to do these duties. Thank you; Glen, Darrow, Wayne, and Randy.

This past year has been a very busy year with serving 18 funerals piled on top of the confirmations, baptisms, weddings and the regular worship service cycle.

Thank you.

The kids wanted to pose with their "Pirates of the Caribbean" swords. So I had them pose for a family portrait first.

Johnny cut a dashing figure as a pirate by the piano and the Victrola.

I got the "Pirates" swords on sale last summer when Wal-Mart was closing them out. I have to say that they are pretty well made. Sophie's sword has a crack in the blade, but otherwise they've lasted a whole week! Can you ask much more of plastic in the hands of kids?

None the less, here is the troupe from Elsie down to Stella posing as pirates for the world. Look out for Elsie. She's the one with her sword up and at the throat.

I had to go into Echo Charter school this week to do some paperwork regarding Jeremy. The woman I worked with was the mother of 4 kids on my bus rout when I was going to Echo Public School. It was nice to be able to catch-up on family news while doing the paperwork.

And because I can't resist her. I put a picture of Donna here.

She has three modes: Smiling, Hungry(crying), and sleeping.

But she has such a nice smile.

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Bruce Gee said...

What a fine family! A full quiver indeed. And I've now added hunting jack rabbits with a hand gun to the list of things I must do before I die.