Saturday, December 08, 2007

The thermometer reached a balmy -9F today!

I had to laugh Wed morning when I found out the Senate was going to vote on Global Warming. We had -23F that morning. Well, it's still cold. This morning the thermometer fluctuated between -23 and -27 for a few hours. It spiked at -9 around 2:30. And now at just after 5pm its down to -15.

We didn't have church at Mt. Olive this morning. The congregations have a -20F rule to keep people safe. It don't take long to freeze to death or get seriously injured in these temperatures.

And, can you imagine it? There's a whole country just north of us! They must have some good insulation up there.

I tried to finish up Christmas Service planning today. I held confirmation class with Nitro.

BTW, parish board members. Can we meet Monday evening at OP?

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Anonymous said...

If you ever want to get out of the cold, come on down! Temp reached 85F today!

Weslaco, TX