Monday, December 03, 2007


Sunday morning was a mess. Stupid me didn't call anyone about whether or not we should have services today. I got up, ate breakfast, started the car to let it warm up, got the bulletins, and went to St. Petri for first service. It's 35 miles away.

It was the first 5 miles that were really bad. To make it through the drifts you had to stay above about 40 mph. To keep from fishtailing you had to stay below 20mph. I nearly got stuck 3 times. In front of Chris and Allan's I fishtailed all over for quite a way before my right front tire caught gravel at the edge of the road. All this was in the first 3 miles. Someone had driven through with a pickup. So the next 2 miles weren't really so bad. I just didn't want to bottom-out my car. My tires were good.

Everything was plowed from the Goodridge corner to Grygla. St. Petri had very good attendance. Not nearly as much snow had fallen there. They had plowed out the lot.

I made my way back to hwy 1 and went east to go around so I wouldn't have to take old gravel roads to Nazareth. When I got the Nazareth road I thought there might be some trouble. It is gravel and after 2 miles of near bottom-out snow I finally was able to get down to the church. I met Wade and Lori there. The church yard wasn't plowed out. Evidently, while I was on my way to St. Petri the Nazareth Congregation had called off church. That was ok, because it was still snowing fast and starting to blow. Wade and Lori didn't get called. So I'll have to make sure they're on the call list.

I took the long way around on the tar roads to get back to Oak Park. Louisa and Elsie met me. They were sledding in the ditch. "No Church today, Dad."

Winter is a bit of a challenge here. We teach our kids not to go out to their forts, which are about 1/4 a mile away, because a snow squall can come up very fast. The younger kids aren't quite yet in tune with the weather. The older ones are pretty good at reading radar patterns now.

I seemed to have a bit of a relapse into my flu today. After lunch (noon meal) I was nauseated. Not because of the food. The OP and Naz. Ladies' Aids had their Christmas meetings planned today. I don't know what happened at Nazareth. OP went on with their meeting. But I wasn't able to attend.

Thank you for the nice shirt and sweater. I like them a lot.

I forgot to record the sermon today.

Monday, I was feeling a lot better, but I realized that my license plates on my car were out of date. And since my birthday was on Saturday that meant that my Drivers license had expired. So Mary and I went to TRF to the County Building to take care of these legal oversights. Problems solved, we picked up some groceries and Christmas gifts, met Shirley L. at the store, talked for a bit, and went home. She was getting her grandkids their presents. I know what they are! Trish, Jake, Noah, Josh, Cam, and everyone else, you can ask, but I won't tell!!!!!

I did some shoveling today. I have to thank Kyle N. for his wonderful work in clearing the parking lot, our driveway, and making a nice path from the house to the office. Thank you, Kyle.

I spent some time today cleaning and sorting our store room stuff. Yesterday (Sunday afternoon) I tried to fix Johnny's DVD for the "Cars" movie. This morning I played the version I tried rescuing from the DVD. It went fine until the tractor tipping scenes. Oh well. But Johnny heard the music when I was playing my attempt at recovering the DVD. He got out of his bunk bed and came out fairly early, "Is that Lightning McQueen?"

He is such a motor head.

I have to say, that, as a work of art, I'd put the movie "Cars" right up there with "The Godfather."

Anyway, It's late now. Time for me to go to bed.

Good night.

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