Monday, December 10, 2007

My Cars won't start and Church as Family

Sunday morning was very cold, - 20F and lower at times. I tried to start my Escort, turned the key and it said "uh, uh, no waaaaaaaayyy." So I went to our Dodge van. It said, "So-o-o-ory."

I called Wayne at St. Petri, "Everything's ready. We can use the dining hall. It doesn't take as much to heat."

I called Connie and Kelly L. "Well get you a car right away."

I got to St. Petri a bit late. Which means that each service was late by 10 to 15 minutes.

I (the fourth paragraph I've started with this personal pronoun) can't tell you how much I appreciate the members in these congregations God called me to serve..

Kelly came quickly. I dropped him off at his house and went to St. Petri.

Since the service was held in the dining hall at St. Petri (the second time since I came here in 6 years) there was no altar or pulpit. I felt a bit awkward without a pulpit. Kind of like Jimmy Swaggert with a floppy Bible cover, only with a clerical robe.

After service at St. Petri I took Kelly's car to Nazareth. Kelly has a new car. I was fascinated by the multi-media display in the car. The speedometer said I could go 160 mph. I have to admit, it was very easy to get up to the speed limit. And very tempting to see if what this car said was true.

Nazareth started late because I got there late. There was good attendance at all three services despite the cold.

The county line road (between Nazareth and Oak Park) has not been plowed. There are only tracks to follow. But the tracks were good enough. At Oak Park we held Leif T. H's baptismal affirmation today.There was a dinner at Oak Park in honor of Leif's baptism. I've got some photos from today. I'll, hopefully, put them in this post later.

After all the church work from 6am to 2pm I went home. Chris V. made a nice gluten-free muffin for me at the dinner, but I was hesitant to eat anything else.

A couple of nights ago I tried, just to see what would happen, a beer from Mary's recent purchase. It smelled so good. It tasted wonderful. It was a Samuel Adams Porter. But it gave me diahreeah within 1/2 and hour. And I only had 1/4 cup.

So, celiac disease should be taken seriously.

How many of you are saying, "hey, this is too much information?" Tough. This is my blog, and I call it as I see it.

After Mary and all the kids were home I fielded the kids so Mary could have a bit of rest. I made my dinner.

One family at OP had hunted Jack Rabbits yesterday and harvested 7 rabbits (hares, to the more finicky of you). So when I went out to get the car started this afternoon and charge the battery, I went up and down our mile of road. It looks like we have between 5-8 Jack Rabbits in our ditches. Maybe we can get some of them in our freezer.

The last time Mary and I had rabbit was in 1992. It was good food.

My mom is doing fairly well after her surgery, but she might need another surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

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