Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elmer Fudd joins the family

Monday: Stella is a little nanny-goat. She gets everywhere. And she is growing so fast. While she was intent on showing off, I took Matt with me to scout out where we might hunt up some Jack Rabbit.

That wasn't so difficult. They're everywhere here.

So, after our noon meal, Matt, Louisa, and I went out to "Twack the wascawly wabbit to its wair."

This was my first Jack Rabbit hunt too.

And we pretty much were awful at first. If'n we'd got each rabbit we stopped to try to get, we'd probably have 8 or 9.

Our tactics improved through the afternoon. We were only out for an hour and a half.

Louisa and Matt each got their rabbits. They're about 10-12 pounds. Louisa helped mom with other things while I was cleaning her rabbit. Matt helped out with some of the cleaning.

Louisa wanted to go out Tuesday as well. But I had visits.

So now it's Tuesday. I put the rabbits in the crock pot this morning. Then I went off to do some shut-in visits.

I'm home now at the kitchen computer. Man, that rabbit smells good. I hope Mary and the kids like it, cause they are a pretty abundant source of food and fun.

Good job, Matt and Louisa! Let's do that again soon.


Jettied said...

I had to comment..poor poor wabbit!!!<:(~

Joe Abrahamson said...

Ahh, but they tasted so good!

Thank your for letting us hunt on your land. You might be relieved to know that we didn't get any of your rabbits. We were inexperienced for those first 3 or 4.

But we learned quickly by the time we got to other grounds.

Ernie Lillo said...

This picture really brings back memories from around 53 years ago when I hunted rabbits with my brothers just about four miles as the crow flies Southeast of your place across the Clearwater River on our old farm. We sold the rabbits to a mink farmer in Oklee. We are enjoying the weather in San Diego getting ready to fly back to Minnesota for Christmas. Your Friend..Ernie