Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clara's Birthday!!

Well, here's the kids all together. I'm kind-of reconstructing Christmas week, because I didn't post during that week. And regular readers know that these posts are back-dated (yes, I got your note, Barb. Tell Kim that Mary and I both got the tools we wanted and if you, he, or the boys want to shoot, Mary's uses .380 ACP and mine uses 9x19 Luger parabellums.)

Clara's Birthday is the 27th of December. It's a wonderful day, the celebration of St. John the Evangelist. The Aardvark has a great post on the significance of this Church celebration.

We celebrated Clara's birth. She missed being the "Millennium Child" by a couple of days. Mary and I were not paying attention to all the hype about "Millennium Babies" and "dates of optimal conception." Yeah, if Clara had been born just a few days later we could have won several pizzas from Dominoes and a year's worth of diapers. But really, we weren't competing. We're glad to have our beautiful Clara as part of our family.

My grandparents came over for the celebration.

I now have only 2 living grandparents. I was privileged to know 6 of my great-grand-parents and all 4 of my grand-parents. And I am very happy that Clara and the rest of my children can know Grandpa and Grandma K.

One draw-back of the date for Clara's birthday: Since we've come up to northern MN we've spent the weekend after Christmas, and Clara's birthday at my parent's place. This year Clara asked why she couldn't have a meal of her choice like the other kids get at their birthdays.

Drats. Kid's notice everything, even things their parents don't think about. Well, Clara, we didn't arrange this with Grandma A. this year. But how about you choose a meal one day this month (January)?

We love you Clara! Happy Birthday! And many happy returns!

It was a very enjoyable day. Stella was all tuckered-out.

One of the days this past week Mary and I went to Marshall, MN to do some shopping. Jeremy and Matthew weren't along with the rest of us last October when we went camping. So we let them go to a movie while we shopped. They saw the second "National Treasure" movie. And it appeared that they liked it quite a bit. I think that part of their liking it was the fact that they were on their own, without Mom and Dad.

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