Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chrismas at My Parents' Place

The hoar frost continued down to southern MN. And it did not disappoint us. Christmas eve services were well attended as were Christmas morning services.

I love my parish. And I love the members of my congregations. And I wish them all and you all a very blessed Christmas.

After my final service on Christmas day it took us a couple of hours to get ready to go visit my parents.

Packing the clothing and food for 9 children is not a small task. And I must credit Mary (my wife) with most of the foresight to accomplish the work necessary to complete this task. I was a willing gopher throughout the work.

If I remember correctly, we were able to leave by 2 in the afternoon. With one stop for fuel, we were at my parent's place before sunset on Christmas day.

My kids like exploring their Grandparents' farm and grove.

How many of you remember creating "forts" or "homes" in your parent's groves? I remember that my brother and I had many "forts" in my parents' woods. It's fun to watch my own children discover and create "forts" in the same grove that my brother and I played in as children.

My brother has joined the Church Triumphant. I, my wife, our parents, and children are still here in the Church Militant. And it is such a wonderful world that God the Father has made for us to play in.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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