Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy Week: Christmas Programs

Wow! This week went by in a blur of activity. I remember that I prepared and had Wed. School and that the kids did pretty well. There was something on Thursday, but I was having a gluten reaction to something so I didn't get to shut-ins in the Gygla area that day. Friday I went to the shut-ins, but none of them were home!!!! Usually the term "shut-in" means that they can't get out, and the Pastor can rely on them being home. But no joy today. I crashed at Jim and Tami's and talked and helped with David for a while. I called a couple of shut-ins from their place. One was home, so I went to see her.

Blanche will have surgery in Fergus Falls on Tuesday the 18th (my baptism day) for two herniated discs. Please keep her in your prayers.

Friday eve was program/catichization practice at St. Petri. I got home late and memorized my sermon for this weekend.

Saturday I had worship at Mt. Olive with program practice for the three little girls in our Saturday School at that congregation. Program is next Sat. I got home to an emergency message. Yvonne G. died this morning, very unexpectedly. She went out to start her car, and they found her 2 hours later lying on the ground. We don't know if she slipped and hit her head or if she had a heart attack. Please keep her father Bert and her 11 siblings and her extended family in your prayers. Funeral planning is Monday morning.

I stopped by to visit a shut-in, Olive B., on the way home.

Louisa, Elise, and Clara helped me get the St. Petri program copied and folded in the afternoon. It became a game to see if they could keep up with me.

Saturday evening we had Christmas program/catechization at St. Petri. The hoar-frost was pretty.

From St. Petri I have 3 confirmands and they have one younger child in Sunday School.

They did a great job with presenting the catechism and the biblical account of Christ's birth and the significance of His birth for the world. We had an evening lunch after the program.

I'm sorry that I only have photos of St. Petri's program.

We got home late after the program. I had to get the bulletins ready for Nazareth and for Oak Park's Christmas programs. Louisa, Elsie, and Clara raced me to see who could fold more programs

Sunday Morning we had our program and dinner at Nazareth. The kids there did very well.

I went over to visit Bert, Karen, and Robert to see how they were doing, to comfort them with Scripture, and to do some preparation for Yvonne's funeral.

When I got home I got ready for Oak Park's Christmas program. OP had practice Saturday morning.

Oak Park's program also went well. I have four confirmands at Oak Park. And they did well with the catechization, everyone did well with telling the story of Christ's birth and what it means for us as sinners and our eternal redemption.

This weekend I preached on the Historic Pericopes and John the Baptist and what his life and testimony mean regarding the baby who was born that first Christmas eve.

After the program at Oak Park we had a dinner and a wonderful time with members and guests.

I'm so thankful for the testimony of the children and the impact of the Christmas Gospel. I have three guests at the Christmas services who have requested adult instruction and expressed a desire to become members.

May God bless you all this Christmas.

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