Sunday, December 02, 2007

41st birthday

Today is my birthday. As a Confessional Lutheran I have the dubious honor of having a birthday that was lately decided to commemorate World AIDS day. For people who deny the evidence of sin, please consider how a disease that is 100% preventable by the Commandment against Adultery could be an epidemic. Duh!

How did my birthday go? In the morning I got up and got the kids ready for breakfast. Mary was cooking. Sophie was still asleep when the meal was ready. I went in and lay down beside her to wake her up. "Sophie, It's time for breakfast!" I said. She opened her eyes and said, "Happy birthday, Daddy."

I love my children.

I took Louisa and Elsie along with me and held Divine service at Mt. Olive, then Saturday School with Christmas program/catechization practice.

I got home and found a bunch of liquid soap spilled all over one of the bathroom floors (my son, John). I fielded a crying baby Donna for a while, went into the kitchen to find a puddle of spilled mineral oil in the kitchen (my son, John). We had lunch (noon meal), Mary took a bath. Then I took a short nap. My voice still isn't 100%. But I'm feeling better.

After my nap I tackled the problem toilet. I pulled the whole thing apart and with the toilet screw I finally rescued Whinny the Pooh! He had been desperately trying to signal us that he was in trouble. Someone had flushed him down the toilet! Whenever toilet paper was used he would grab it an try to tell us that he was stuck and unable to swim upstream.

I threw him away.

The whole repair took about 20 minutes with disassembly and reassembly.

It grew near supper time. The kids had been making presents for me the last couple of days.

Did I say that I love my kids?

I do.

John got sick 20 minutes before supper. Just as we were sitting down he threw-up. It's probably the same flu that I had. Poor little boy.

Mary made a GF cake for me that tasted wonderful. The meal was a wild rice casserole with corn. It tasted great. In the background of this photo on the wall beside the map you can see two birthday cards taped to the wall.

Here I am blowing out my candle. I missed the first time. Of course, I have a girl friend, Mary, my love. The kids laughed and teased me for loving their mommy.

Good for them.

Then it was cake time! Louisa was so excited to be the photographer for my birthday. I hardly ever let the kids touch my digital camera. So Louisa was wanting juicy photos for the blog. I gave her one.

The knife is a true-to-life Ginsu knife that I bought in 1986 when I lived in Kennisaw, Georgia. Kennisaw has a law requiring all residents to own a hand gun. Kennisaw has almost no crime. Go figure.

The Ginsu knife still works. It was worth the $19.95 in the TV ads. I spent about $10 for it in a shop in Kennisaw. Yes, it can cut through a 2x4 and still slice tomatoes.

Then, after cleanup for supper came the gift opening. Sophie can't yet read, but she can copy very well. Her card was a perfect "Happy Birthday Daddy" in balloon letters. Johnny gave me several cars. Each of the kids were so nice in their gifts and creativity.

Louisa took this photo of Donna. Donna was set down in the middle of the gift giving fray. She loved the sounds and the interaction. She's growing like milkweed. She's been a bit perturbed lately because she's getting a tooth.

John's been throwing up about every 20 minutes. At this rate he'll get the privilege of experiencing the dry heaves soon.

I put him on a towel with a pillow, blanket, and bucket outside the main bathroom. Poor boy.

Louisa evidently couldn't help herself with this last photo. Yes, she's in it. Matthew, I think, took the photo. And all the girls are dancing for my birthday.

I love my kids. And I love their mother.

I hope John does well through the night.

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