Friday, November 09, 2007

Personality Inventories and Reality

An Online quiz provoked me.

Here are the results of the online quiz. It was meant to measure what I should choose as my college major:

What is your Perfect Major?
You scored as a Linguistics
You should be a Linguistics major!















I tried an online analysis of what my college major ought to be. The problem with these online quizzes is that no one knows who is putting them up or the criteria that they use for evaluation. The fact is I majored in Hebrew and Semitic Studies. This is a linguistics degree that requires proficiency in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Phoenician (can you spell that word correctly without looking?), Ammorite, Moabite, German, French, and a number of other languages. "Proficiency" means that the student can sit down and work out what the text says.

It is interesting to me that this quiz evaluated me high in Art, Linguistics, and Journalism. I went through my first few years of College on an art scholarship. My major and focus was linguistic. And my profession involves the regular writing of text on issues of the day (that could be considered "Journalism"). But there was no religious axis for this quiz. I suppose that pastors could be considered "journalists" in the sense that pastors have to write and address a group of subscribers (parishoners) frequently and regularly about what's going on in their lives.

But the lack of a religious element to this quiz is significant.

Most people on this planet are influenced by their theological presuppositions.

Atheists have managed to kill more Christians and others in the name of their Atheism than any other religion in the history of humanity.

Muslims come in second, in my opinion, because of the dramatic way in which they terrorize anyone who does not agree with them.

Hindus come in third with their bloody intolerance of intolerance.

Next, in my book, comes organized Christian religion that has confused the distinction God makes in His Word, the Bible, between Church and State. Yes, it is true, atrocities have been committed in the name of Christ. And more will come before the world ends. Some episode of the Crusades are pathetic.

But if you want to honestly examine which faiths have caused more death and destruction in this world than any other, you have to admit that Atheism and Agnosticism are the main culprits.

If we go back to the Middle-Ages there were many wars between protestants and Roman Catholics. Perhaps millions were killed in these wars. But in the late 7th Century Islam became a factor. "Millions" is perhaps an under estimation of how many people were killed in the name of that faith.

Hinduism had a much earlier start. One can read the Bagavad Gita without understanding. But when one is shown that the people that Shri Krishna was fighting against were Buddhists, one has to realize that the Hindu religion has been excessively intolerant of other belief systems.

But the big bad guy of all ages has to be Agnosticism and Atheism. It's a simple matter of historical record. More people have been killed by Agnostics and Atheists in the 20th century than all the records of any civilization that has preceded the modern period. Whether one looks back to Hitler's Agnostic spiritualism or to the materialistic and deterministic views of Lenin and Stalin or their successors, at least 20 million Christians and others were killed by Atheists and Agnostics.

If one continues in looking at the inheritors of the Atheist and Agnostic belief systems, Mau Tse Deung and Pol Pot along with almost uncountable others have put Christians to death in numbers that are uncountable.

And let us consider the U.S.A.

I love the Declaration of Independence. I love the Constitution. But since 1972 it has been legal to kill unborn children at the emotional whim of the mother. The Liberals call this freedom of choice. But in reality it is we who are Conservative who are the defenders of children. They, those Liberals who look to Government as the caretaker and giver of all things, are the ones who try to justify themselves. They are the ones who place their own convenience above the value of life itself.

But even if I were born in an Imperial dynasty with a dictator who had declared himself to be a god, I would still have to abide by what St. Paul writes, "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God." (Romans 13:1).

For those who are readers of this blog, I want to explain, that these many issues are the reason why we, in the Confessional Lutheran Church, pray the Prayer of the Church. I think that I'll post this prayer sometime soon. But I want the readers of this blog to know that there is nothing new under the sun. Any, and I mean ANY, issue that we face now has been faced by other before us. The experience and reactions of God's people are found in the pages of the Bible. Technology does not make us different from the Patriarchs. We still have the same sinful nature and experience the same doubts and troubles as St. Paul.

And St. Paul made a particular issue of pointing out that if he, the persecutor of the Church of Christ, could be forgiven: so can you and I.

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