Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday, baa-da-da, baa-da-da-da

This evening there was a nice sunset and moonset. My camera is not really good, but this is what I got from it.

I loose track of all the household fixup/honeydoo jobs I did this week. I remember getting high off of fiberglass resin to fix a handle on the oven. I remember the stink of cat poop under the workbench.

Several doors fixed, anyway.

Today was probably our last nice warm day of the year. Mary and I went for a walk this evening to enjoy it. We look forward to spring when we can do it again. But now we brace for winter.

And part of bracing for winter is practicing Christmas Hymns.

This is what it looks like in our house when the kids sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful!"

Only three of the kids fit into the frame, but all of those able to, were dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

What a wonderful noise.

They're going to complain when they see this photo posted here. But I wanted to share my enjoyment of my kids when they are singing a Hymn about their Savior's Birth.

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