Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"I'm not dead yet."

I've had the flu. Still do, in fact. Last week Sat (Nov 17), I had to cancel services at Mt. Olive. On Sunday morning I could be long enough without the need of a rest-room, so I held services, but I used the Office of Prime. I was very weak.

Monday came and we had this winkel down in Audubon. Mary drove. Pr. Stafford came with us. Most of the time I was head-achey, chills, and ready to pass out. But it was an important meeting.

Being sick makes concentration for writing sermons much harder. From Sunday the 18th to Sunday the 25th there were 10 services at which I preached. By Wed evening my voice was starting to be affected by this virus. We used Compline and Prime for Thanksgiving services.

Mom, Dad, and Jeremy came on Thursday afternoon and we had our Thanksgiving celebration.
Mom and Donna sleeping in the rocker. I'm glad Mom could relax some during this trip. I know there were worries about weather and such. But Donna sure feels comfortable with her.

John and Stella were helping Mary out with the cooking. Of course, when you help out, it means that you get to taste too, doesn't it?

Mom, Dad and Jeremy were able to stay until Saturday afternoon.

Clara tried to hog Grandpa any chance she could. I don't think Grandpa was complaining.

Jeremy seems to be doing well in school. So on Friday, he, grandpa, Matt, and I went to TRF so Jeremy could buy his first computer.

The gang at Northern Lights Bookstore gave us a great deal on a color monitor ($FREE--can't beat that). And Jeremy bought a fairly decent machine with his money. Not an expensive top of the line machine, but one that will work and that he could afford.

Of course, he wanted to play with it from the time we got it home. I said, "No." We set it up. I downloaded some security and safety software. He packed it up.

Saturday I had a very sore voice. We used Prime at Mt. Olive. No Saturday School. Kids were gone.

Mom, Dad, and Jeremy went back home in the late morning. Mary and I went to Mavis' birthday party in the afternoon (just a brief visit.)

Sunday my voice was still pretty raw. I did the full services, but without singing. I made it through, but I was so tired and sore. Shirley L told me to go to the Dr.

Monday I went and got a flu shot, and deposited the check.

Tuesday, throat still very sore, voice almost nil. Rest. Cleaned up a room in the basement; did some work on sermon (1st Sunday in Advent, you know, a whole new church year!!!!)

We got snow on Monday. A nice coating. This morning (Tues) I took Louisa and Matt out hunting sharptail grouse, no joy. Well we've got three more mornings to get some.

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