Friday, November 09, 2007

frenulectomy (on Thursday)

Donna just likes attention. So we bundle her up, coo her, and make her smile. Today (back to Thursday morning for this) we were going to Fosston to the dentist.

Half of us had our check-ups already. Now, I was in the second-half.

Clara needs a tooth pulled, I have a cavity that needs to be excavated and filled (seems my "sealant", which is supposed to prevent this sort of thing, has failed.)

And today we had one frenulectomy. Elsie's frenulectomy was due to the fact that the frenum between her two lower incisors was causing her gum to retract.

She liked the bubble gum flavored gloves. I took a photo of the box so you can see that the dentist does, in fact, have bubble gum flavored latex dental exam gloves.

I wonder, does that make little kids more likely to bite down on the dentist's fingers when he puts those bubblishous flavored fingers in a kid's mouth?

And here is the anesthesia shot, novocane or xylocane or whatever. All the kids that I had with me were in the room to watch the dentist cut away.

Kids are very curious. At times this is rather imposing and invasive. But Elsie dealt with it fairly well. She wanted me to take a photo of her frenulectomy, but she does not want me to post it on this blog.

So all we have are these action shots, no picture of her mouth with its surgical modifications.

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