Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bob and Roxanne

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Do you know how to fix that address? if so send me an email with the confirmation pictures and thanks very much. I hope the kids are doing well.

Now, the rest of this post might be puzzling to and offensive to some readers. But so what.

Anyway, Mary and I are looking at purchasing handguns. We've done a bit of research and want to limit ourselves to $400 or less. We think we can do allright with the following models. But here is where my brother-in-law, Bob comes in. Bob's a cop and in the NG. He's been deployed 2 times to the middleeast during the Iraq war. He comes up on his third deployment this January. And he knows handguns pretty well. I know swords, he knows pistols.

Bob, yes you, Bob, Aimee will have to get your attention to read this. Here's the decision I have to make, and I want your input:

Choice 1:
Used Springfield XD-9 2006 for under $400.

Choice 2:
New Taurus 24/7 Pro 9mm for $400.

Choice 3:
New Stoeger Cougar 8000 9mm for under $400.

Choice 4:
Taurus PT92B for $400

OK Bob, you've played with some of these, haven't you? Which would you choose?

Actually, if anyone else who reads this has experience with any of these please let me know. Thanks.

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