Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Baptism and an Alternator

Jared and Jessica's baby boy, Leif, was born Friday. Here's Susan holding Leif. I took Matt and Louisa with me, we had to do some errands while we were in TRF.

On the way to TRF there was a bad noise coming from under the hood. I drove to Autohospital, but Shaun wasn't there. I stopped at Carquest, and Chuck helped me out. We could see the bearings coming out of the alternator. We zipped over to the junk yard to pick up an alternator.

We stopped at the Hospital. The whole family was there and we baptized Leif. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. It is wonderful that they didn't want to wait. Infant mortality by accident or disease is very low in our day. But that doesn't mean we can take any life for granted. Leif has been given the gift of the Holy Spirit and is a Child of God through God's grace in Christ's sacrament of Baptism.

After the Baptism we went to Walmart and the alternator froze. There was still a bit of daylight left, so I thought I might swap out the alternator in the parking lot.

No joy.

A call to Mary and to the tow truck. Mary came to get the kids. I rode home in the tow truck.

So, Saturday, we celebrated All Saints' Day at Mt. Olive, had Saturday School, and this afternoon I swapped out the alternator.
It really isn't that much of a job. But with the fading light the night before I couldn't see everything I needed to in the parking lot.

It took me about 45 minutes to do the job. I know that's slow to you mechanically inclined types, but this is my second alternator swap in 18 years. This was on a Ford Escort, the last was on a Chevy Citation (we also had a timing chain go out on that Citation back when-that was a bigger tow job). I'm glad that I don't get a lot of practice on this kind of thing.

This is the old alternator. You can see the three remaining bearings.

Anyway, we won't be getting the pistols for a while. My tow made $ure of that.

I just hope the new (old used) alternator works in the morning. Well, maybe I'll use the van tomorrow. I can test the alternator tomorrow afternoon. I should have put the VOM on it today. But I'm naive and forgot about that until right now. But, if it weren't working, I'd assume the voltage/battery light would come on, right? I gotta find my book on the car.

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