Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sorry, It's been a busy week

A few months back I had been invited to attend a conference that is taking place this week. I declined to attend for a number of reasons.

I had also been asked by certain individuals to attend another conference that took place the first week of October. I declined that one also. Also for a number of reasons, some the same, some very different.

Instead I spent time with my family.

Well, Betty's funeral was Saturday. The visitation the night before. That meant three different sermons for this weekend. So, yes, I was a bit busy during the week. I still managed a couple of visits and a movie with Mary.

Betty's funeral is the 16th I've had this calendar year. We all saw this one coming so I had plenty of time to prepare. But it was hard to deliver the sermon without my own emotions messing with my voice. I took my grandparents to visit Henry and Betty last July. They are people so much like each other I wanted them to meet. And it was a wonderful visit. Now Betty is home, resting from her labor in this world. We'll miss her till we meet again. Henry most of all. Please keep him in your prayers.

Bernice O. broke her leg. I just found out at Betty's funeral. Some people don't like to bother the pastor. She spent 3 days dealing with it before she could contact any help to get her to the hospital. (Just think, Scandinavian stubborn, and some of you might understand why 911 didn't occur to Bernice.) But she's doing well and is healing up fine. Please keep her in your prayers also.

Angie and Shannon L. had their baby while we were gone. Nolan was born 10 lbs 12.3 oz and 21.5 inches long!! And he's very cuddly. Please keep them in your prayers.

Some of you may have noticed that the sermons haven't been updated in a while. I've got a software problem with my digital recorder, so the past few sermons haven't been updated yet. I hope to have this figured out this week.

We've got confirmation at Mt. Olive for Albert and Amanda this coming Saturday. We've also got a Harvest Festival party for children at Nazareth on Sunday at 4pm and a Youth Society costume Reformation party at St. Petri on this coming Sunday at 6pm.

This afternoon for family fun we shot clay pigeons and pistol. Clara, Elsie, Matt, and Mary lined up for pistol. Mary, Matt, and I had fun with the clays. Elsie liked throwing them. I only let Clara shoot a few rounds with the pistol. She's small enough where she tires easily of holding a hunk of metal out at arm's length. I tried kneeling posture with her, but she was a bit wobbly. With a pistol you need to take much more care. The barrel is so short that the muzzle can move all over the place. She was sad that I didn't let her shoot any more. But she understood that it was for her own (and my) safety.

I remember the first time I shot clays up here in this parish. It was mother's day in 2002. Darrow and Shirley asked me over for dinner. Mary and the kids had gone down to my folk's place to visit them that weekend. Darrow, Kelley, and Gary got all the stuff together to do some clay shooting. And I missed every one. I hadn't shot a clay since 1989. But with all the Clearwater Shootouts I've improved a bit.

Matt and I learned how to use the Remington single shot hinge action (made in Russia), and the Mossberg 500C pump (made in the U.S.A.). Matt bought the single shot. The Mossberg was a gift. So, not counting Matt's investment in the single shot, our afternoon family entertainment and skill building time cost us about $6 in shells and $2 in clays. Try taking kids to town, a movie, or McDonalds on $8. Ha! All the little ones cheered when targets were hit--and even simply at the bang when a shot was fired. And the little ones also enjoyed running out into the field to pick up all the pieces of clay targets. You gotta love the enthusiasm of youth at times like this.

And Mary made a superbly delicious dinner: Pork roast, baked potatoes, and mixed vegetables. She cut up apples and layered them on the pork roast. Totally melt in your mouth good.

Hey, J.D., I'm reminded that you were going to send me a bow stave. Congratulations on winning Bow of the Month in this last Primitive Archer Magazine. And congratulations to Pappy! Both beautiful bows.

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