Friday, October 05, 2007

Shut-ins and Vacation

Thursday I visited shut-ins in TRF and picked up a couple of things for our vacation. I had a longish spiritual counseling session Wed eve. Thurs late afternoon and evening I recovered a box spring and got camping items ready. The little kids wrecked the fort, so we burned it up in the evening.

Of course, all the kids wanted to throw things on the fire.

Friday (today) I was illin'. I hope it doesn't last through the vacation. We got the kids stuff packed, most of the camping stuff is ready, in the morning we'll load up the van, pack the food, strap the roof top carrier on and head to McGregor for my cousin's wedding. We'll spend the night there and head to the campground on Sunday.

This will be an extremely low-tech vacation. Think: rubbing sticks together to make fire. Well, maybe not that low tech (unless I forget the matches--which I have done previously).

Mary picked up a .410 Rossini single shot for my dad today. And Matt's 20 gauge Remington single shot came in. He's all excited. I made him break it down and put it together several times before we put it away. I called Dad to let him know, and he's all excited too.

I came over to the office to finish up a bit of church work, grab my batteries and camera. I hope to post again sometime late next week when we're at Mom and Dad's. But they've got dial-up, so don't get your hopes up.

I'll keep a journal of the trip and take lots of pictures, then, like last year, I'll post them on the date of the events.

BTW, Angie L. was due yesterday. No baby yet. Pr. Stafford will be on call. Keep Angie , her husband, Shannon, and their baby in your prayers.

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