Tuesday, October 02, 2007

John Can Frown

Monday I did some fixup work around the house and yard. Clara and Sophie put a couple of blankets out in the garage while I was working in there so they could play and stay out of Mary's hair.

I finished a bow for the kids today. It's ash and pulls about 25 lbs at 28 inches. All the younger kids got outside to shoot it several times. We'll take it along on the camping trip.

And, just so you all know, John may have one of the most expressive faces in our family. Each of the kids is blessed with incredibly elastic faces and control of muscles I didn't know humans have. Sophie and Stella are very good at making these faces.

But Tuesday was John's day to shine. Look at this, he can even create the look of jowls.

I made some Brussel Sprouts for dinner today. I'm not sure what set John off for this, but there weren't any left. The kids loved them. So, this might be his "I wanted more" look or it might be just his "I'm trying to get something from mom" look.

His bottom lip extends almost a half inch outward.

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