Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jenni and Jeremy's Wedding

Jenni is my cousin. I remember the first day I saw her. We were at her folk's house when she was brought home for the first time.

I remember a lot of different games and times from our youth. She finally found a man that she wants to marry.

I wish them all the best.

They had music from the Rat Pack playing before and after the wedding service. The wedding service itself was held by a justice of the peace.

Amber was there with her folks. Her brothers couldn't come. Amber is attending the same school that our son, Jeremy, is attending.

Happy birthday, Amber!

Happy auto insurance payment increase, Randy (Her father).

And weddings are times for the mothers to do strange things, like try on fashionable shoes.

There were plenty of shoe photos. This was the only one that I could post without getting into trouble.

Even this one will probably cause me some grief.

But let's just say that some sisters never outgrow the desire to try on funky shoes.

The wedding was at a resort near McGregor, MN. And I have a nice photo of my aunt, Pat, actually looking at the camera.

Jeremy, my son, is in the background and obviously he has become quite tall. I think he is taller than I am now.

The resort where the wedding was held was very pretty with the fall colors. But I don't think any of our family will go there again. They had unfinished cabins and were charged full price.

The cabins were HUGE!!!!! Both ours and the groom's families could (if we really wanted to) fit into two of these "cabins." Here's a shot of people around the dining room table. You can see 10 people in this photo, there were 17 around the table. And there were another 12 in the living room, 4 in the kitchen, and 6 on the deck. We're not counting the upstairs rooms and the lower level rooms.

But, they still charged full price for a half-complete cabin. Too bad. It was a fun wedding, though.

We spent Saturday eve and Sun morning with the family at the resort (some of us stayed in a less expensive motel -but went back to the resort in the morning). Late in the morning we left for our camping trip.

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