Sunday, October 28, 2007

How we celebrated Reformation Festival

Sorry, I don't have any photos. I mislayed my camera. Aside from the sad news in the previous post there was much to rejoice in this weekend. Saturday we held confirmation at Mt. Olive. Amanda and Albert are now ready to examine themselves before the Lord's Supper. So we had a nice Reformation festival, confirmation and meal for everyone after church in celebration.

Saturday afternoon I went over to Dean H.'s to get some flax and check on some wood for making bows. I ran out of paper for printing the calendar. Alyssa had some paper so I didn't have to drive far. Thank you, Alyssa.

Sunday we had church at St. Petri (where one family was already on Daylight saving time--thank you to the Congress for messing that up this year). Then off to Nazareth and then Oak Park. After service at Oak Park we had our Reformation dinner.

One of my members in particular was excessively moved by the sermon today. I'm never sure how to take such a compliment. I feel disarmed. What should I say? I had some very good teachers at seminary, but chief of all is Christ in His Word. I am weak and sinful. I do not deserve my wonderful wife, my children, nor the wonderful congregations I serve. Much less do I deserve to be considered the mouthpiece of Christ. But this is where He has placed me. I hope to God that if I ever speak or preach or act contrary to his word that my wife, children, family and congregations keep me accountable.

This afternoon Nazareth had a wonderful and successful party for grade school aged children. Mary took the younger kids and had a blast with them.

And the Youth Group met at St. Petri for our Reformation costume party this evening. Both parties had games galore--though I couldn't quite imagine stomaching the marshmallow cheeseburgers given as prizes at the Youth group party. At the Youth Group we watched part of the Thrivent movie "Luther" and I helped the kids and parents separate the fiction (of which there is a lot) from the reality (of which there is very little in the movie). The movie should be titled "If Martin Luther were a Methodist." Perhaps I'll post my review of the movie some day on my Wordpress blog.

My thanks to Pr. Stafford for a couple of things. First, for lending us his DVD of the movie. But second, and most of all, for his call to me about Steven. Thanks Shawn. And thank you Joel S. also for your comments and prayers.

Sorry for the delay in the audio on the sermons. I don't have the time right now to work on a solution. Hopefully soon.

Keep us in your prayers. Tomorrow I take Louisa and Clara down to the funeral and to Mom and Dad's. Please keep my former sister-in-law and her living children in your prayers.

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