Thursday, October 11, 2007

Camping, part 2

The cabins at the MN state parks really are nice. Each has two full sized beds and two twin sized bunk beds. The problem is that when you're in the full sized bed against the wall, you can't do anything without smacking your head against the bottom of the twin sized bunk above you.

The stove is nice.

And the campfire ring is good for cooking.

I really like cooking. I especially like cooking with real fire rather than electric heat.

However, smoke inhalation is a real danger when cooking over a camp fire. Have you ever noticed that camp fire smoke loves every person standing around the fire. And, no matter what direction the wind is blowing, the smoke will come around to caress your sinuses, lungs, brachiae, and tear ducts?

We had several days of cowboy coffee and camp fire food.

There were, of course, various examples of wildlife near our camp. The ubiquitous chipmunk was common enough. And if we'd seen it earlier in the week, we'd probably have cooked a few. But as it turned out we didn't.

Besides, they hardly amount to more than a mouthful.

But, at last it was Thursday and time to go to my folk's home.

The park has these nice carts (with flat tires) to help campers haul their junk in and out of the cabin camp sites. They were very handy. And we still fit in our van.

So, now down to Belview.

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