Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camping, part 1

So, here's a panoramic of the resort before we left. You can see the foundations of all the new "cabins" that are being built. This means that the view in this photo will be gone next spring.

So why pay to stay there?

We went to Glendelough State Park for our camping trip. We were actually a day early compared to our reservations. But we though there probably would be a cabin open. And there was. But it was unheated.

After we got unpacked I made supper around the campfire, and I heated up a big kettle of water to take inside for heat in the cabin.

And, yes, I was still ill. I feel bad for Mary. She worked so hard to make this a nice trip with all her planning, and I had to be sick.

Monday we took a short trip to Fergus Falls to get some groceries.

Tuesday we went to Alexandria to get to some stores that we've wanted to stop at for quite a while. The used book store was great. Kvil's second hand was great (we got a good Yamaha clarinet for $75)

The kids liked walking in the Viking Mall. That's pretty much all we did in that mall- except sit, like Sophie and Stella are in this photo.

So, back at the cabin, after finding some books and such we warm up by the fire. And mostly, it's nice

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