Monday, September 10, 2007

Youth Group Shootout Planned for Next Weekend

Members of the Clearwater Lutheran Youth Society met Sunday evening. We had Bible Study on the book of Judges and resumed our reading of the book where the Angel of the Lord calls Gideon, the least of the least of the tribes of Israel, as His champion.

The business meeting was chiefly concerned with getting the annual Clearwater LYS Shootout up and going.

Because of the complexity of the calendar in our 4 point parish, the LYS determined that the best time for them to host the Shoot out would be next Sunday, Sept. 16th. The Shoot out will be at St. Petri Lutheran Church.

We have previously had guests from Bagley, Audubon, Radium, and Warrod. If you know of interest in your congregations could you please attempt to contact those people today or tomorrow.

We apologize for the extremely short notice for this event and hope that any who are able to attend can receive notice.

The Clearwater LYS Shootout will take place beginning at 1pm Sunday, Sept. 16th and go until a campfire supper. In case of rain the next Sunday, Sept. 23 will be the rain date. If it looks like rain all day on the 16th I will send out an email to this list at 10:15am Sunday the 16th. If it rains on Sunday the 23rd as well, we will probably host the shootout in late October.

A suggested donation for the event is $2 per participant to help defray the cost of ammunition, food, and clay pigeons. But guests will not be turned away if they are unable to pay.

Events at the Clearwater LYS Shootout are:

Clay pigeon shooting,
.22 Rifle range,
.22 Pistol range

Each station will be monitored by an adult who is in charge of weapons, ammunition, and instruction.

No high powered rifles will be allowed at the range.

Guests may bring bows, arrows, .22 caliber rifles, or shotguns. We are providing ammunition for the .22 weapons and 20 gauge shells for the clay pigeon station. No rifles of other calibers are allowed. If a guest wishes to bring his own shotgun the largest gauge allowed is 12. If a guest brings a shotgun that is different from 20 gauge the guest must supply his or her own ammunition. Ear protection will be provided.

All weapons brought by guests must be checked in with Pr. Abrahamson and approved by him before they can be used on the range.

Regarding ADA information, St. Petri does not have running water or bathrooms. We have out-houses. And they are well kept and work fine. One of our LYS members at St. Petri -who will be there- is a quadriplegic, so we have people there who know how to take care of these special needs.

Depending on time, we might have a demonstration on how to build a fire with a bow-drill. This is a primitive fire building technique that can be useful in survival situations or just for fun.

Late in the afternoon we will build a campfire and supply hotdogs and brats and a campfire stew for supper.

Again, we apologize for the short notice for this event, and we hope that you can attend.

Please let us know by Thursday noon how many will plan on attending so we can purchase an appropriate amount of food.

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