Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Winkel and Pastoral Calls

Monday we held Winkel at Oak Park. Pastor Stafford came solo. Pr. Thompson brought his wife and four youngest children. Pr. Preus and his wife visited as guests. Pr. Dale had a previous engagement and Pr. Merseth's mother died this past Thursday, so he also couldn't attend. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

We opened with Matins and muffins. I presented on Smalcald Articles II:IV The Papacy, Pr. Stafford on Walther's 4th Thesis in Law and Gospel, Pr. Thompson presented what he had completed of his General Pastoral Conference paper.

Mary served a wonderful Chicken Currey with rice, salad, and dessert cake with rhubarb or mincemeat topping for 19 people.

The meeting wrapped up around 4:30pm.

Sandy called me this evening to let me know that her mother, Blanche, needs to have surgery early in the morning.

In the late evening I put together some genealogical info from the church records requested by Tracey F. from Vancouver, BC. Tracey, I tried the email you gave me. But it bounced back to me. Please call me again so I can correct the email address and get you the info.

Early Tuesday morning Matthew and I went to Grand Forks to be with Blanche and Ray and the family as she was prepared for her MRI and surgery.

It was very foggy this morning. I had to drive very slowly and the usual hour and 15 minute drive took near 2 hours. We still got there before Blanche and her family. The fog was worse up by Grygla, where they drove from. So we spent some time with Blanche, Ray, Roxanne, Sandy and Wayne. I told Blanche that if she does well with her therapy I'd take her down to Trail for a polka when she's ready. She told me that her husband, Ray, doesn't dance. Ray was sitting right beside me. I said "I didn't invite Ray." We had a good laugh. Blanche has a fractured vertebra and a herniated disk. She's been in a lot of pain for a long time. But a week ago Thursday she fell of a stool while cleaning windows. The pain has been excruciating since then and she's only been able to sit still in bed. Please keep her in your prayers.

Then it was off to the pawn shop to see if they had a reasonably priced shotgun for Matt. No dice. We stopped at Cabellas. Last night I told Matt that he could expect a single shot shotgun to go for around $120. If he wanted a pump he should expect to add $200 to that price.

Cabellas had a nice single shot Remington for $119.99; and a nice Remington pump for $325. My estimation wasn't far off. And as Matt had only $60, we went home empty handed. They did show us a Mossbeck 20 gauge pump for about $230. I'll have to check the reviews on this one. It broke down a bit differently than the Remington, but it looked fairly easy to maintain.

So we left GF and went East through Thief River Falls up to Gatzke to see Jim and Tami and their family. Jim's father died about noon on Sunday. He had suffered a heart attack on Thursday morning and Jim's family wasn't in church on Sunday. That was the first news I had. But up to that time the prognosis seemed good. We had 11am worship at St. Petri. The shootout started at 1pm. Jimmy's brother-in-law, Eldon, came to help with the shoot-out and told me the sad news.

Jimmy's father, Alton, was 92 years old. Even up to a couple of months ago he was out driving around to all the other elderly neighbors and visiting them. Please keep Jim and Tami's family in your prayers.

While we were at Jim and Tami's their domesticated raccoon came out to play with the boys. I tried to get a photo, but the critter was camera shy. But it would bounce around the yard chasing Matt, Brieley, and Levi. They would chase it and play tag. They'd pet it and scratch its tummy. When it gets into their garage it makes a terrible mess of things. It was born this spring, so it's not quite fully grown. It's brother is over at Brieley's cousins' place having fun with the cousins.

160 miles later, Matt and I were home at 1pm.

At 3pm Mary and I left for Fosston. We had a date. We went to the Library, the Hardware store (I was checking on shotgun prices for Matt). And then we went to a movie-The Bourne Ultimatum. I've mentioned the first two Bourne movies previously. It's nice to have a well done action movie that doesn't use pornography or ubiquitous profanity. The plot of this movie was strongly anti-US government, and that left a bad taste in my mouth. But the action, character development, and plot were very well done. The first Bourne movie had extremely well done fight scenes. The second movie had a totally impossible fight scene which spoiled it a bit for me. The fighting was great, but it was more like the World Wide Wrestling Federation, the guys kept getting up after things that would in reality have disabled or killed them. This last Bourne movie had very well choreographed, filmed, and realistically thought out fight scenes. Only in one fight, where Bourne saves the reporter from several gunmen is there a place where the character does the impossible by reacting to a gun he could not have possibly seen based on the position where he was standing. But, hey, it's a movie.

We stopped at the grocery store and got supper for the kids at DQ.

Home at 7pm (another 70 miles round trip).

Supper, family reading time with chapter 11 of Dikens' Great Expectations, devotion, and bed for the kids.

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