Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why Our Power Went out for 3 Hours this morning

She's stiff as a board and her eyes are open. She has no whiskers left-they're all melted into stinky curly globs on her lip. The bottoms of her feet are charred. She's already cooked. We could eat her right now.

Mary was in the middle of arranging our vacation stay by using the internet and the power went out.

I called the electric company and they said no one else had reported an outage. I called around and had the kids check the church. Only the house was out. But there was no power at our meter.

The electric co. truck came three hours later.

They found the squirrel in a death grip between two wires that it had shorted out at the electric pole, causing the pole's breaker to trip.

Our power is back on now. I don't think we'll have squirrel for supper. After all, it's Stella's Birthday.

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