Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend School Starts

Saturday, I held a service of Song and Thanksgiving. We used hymns for the many different parts of the Orthodox Lutheran Liturgy. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to make a bulletin to help lead the order of worship. But it seemed to go well.

After worship at Mt. Olive we had a picnic. Unfortunately, it was a rather rainy day. So we held the "picnic" in Mt. Olive and the children ran rather free in the rain.

Mary, the kids, and my Grandparents came to the picnic. And it was a very nice time for visiting.

Saturday afternoon we found out that we didn't have enough Cocoa for Mary to make brownies for the dinner Oak Park holds for the start of Sunday School

Nazareth held a brunch for the starting of Sunday School. Oak Park held a dinner for the starting of Sunday School.

Some day, maybe, I'll be able to know what is going on in all of my congregations, but the time is not now

After 7 hours of worship services and the travel time to get to them I was tired. When I had a wonderful meal at Oak Park at the end of the third worship service for the day, I was just tired.

I slept until 3:30.

Then I prepared for the youth group meeting this evening.

The attendance at Nazareth and Oak Park was exceptional today. Part of that had to do with the start of Sunday School, part had to do with the meals that both congregations had after their services.

Henry shared with me a bit about Betty's condition today. Betty is not doing very well. Her memory problems are increasing dramatically. Please keep Henry and Betty in your prayers.

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