Sunday, September 09, 2007

Up to the Weekend

Thursday I went to Warren to visit Laura R. She's a shut-in and is Mable's sister. Clara came with me on the long trip. Laura was doing very well and dealing with her grief in a very good way. I had called her husband, Elmer, to offer him a ride for the visit. But Laura's brother was going to stop by Elmer's and park his trailer there today. Elmer and Laura's brother and his wife came to visit later in the day. Clara was happy with the amount of candy that Laura wanted to give her. This is, unfortunately, one of the main reasons why my kids beg to go along on shut-in visits. But the reason I take my kids is that the shut-ins want to see them.

On Friday my grandparents came for a visit. They wanted to see Donna. The last two kids, John and Stella, my grandparents had been visiting when they were born. But they didn't time Donna's birth quite right. So they need to come now to see her.

Grandpa and Grandma got here safely on Friday. We have had a wonderful time talking and sharing memories of the past while enjoying each other now.

Donna is growing. I don't know what she weighs at the present time. But she has fat cheeks. And I love to kiss them.

Friday afternoon a good friend called. Ben said he and his brother, Todd, were in Grand Forks to visit a nephew of theirs. Ben wanted to visit us. Well, we had my grandparents already, but Ben said that he and his brother, Todd, would only want to stop for a short time.

So we set up Saturday afternoon for them to visit.

I've known Ben for 19 years. I met his brother, Todd, that same year. Ben has been in touch with us, Todd has not. Todd is a good man. He takes care of his parents very well.

So Thursday goes with a long-distance visit and the promise of a visit from old friends.

By the way, thank you to Clearwater Parish, for such a big house. Visits like this are not a huge burden, but a wonderful time to visit and remember.

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