Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Syrian Christians

This note is to any Syrian Christians in Iraq who might be reading this blog. This blog gets several reads from 3 different locations in Iraq. I was once in contact with a Syrian Christian in that country before the war. But the war has pretty much eliminated email, and the intense persecution of Christians in Iraq has forced those Christians to be very cautious of internet communication.

If there is no risk to you or your family's safety, please do post comments on this blog. But do it from a public internet web browser. The few of you reading this in Iraq come from non military sites. I don't know if it's US military using pubic browsers, or even if there are public internet browsers in Iraq. If you do post a comment it can be traced in Iraq to the machine you made it from. So don't do it at home or in your neighborhood. But if there is no risk, please do post a comment. I won't post the comment on the blog. I may mention a comment from you, but I won't reveal any information that could identify you or the location of your post other than it came from a Syrian Christian. By the way, my Syrian Aramaic is a bit rusty, but I think I could read your note in Syrian Aramaic if you kept it simple.

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