Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Snowblower and A New Bow

Monday night, Tuesday night, and this coming Thursday night and Sunday afternoon are Firearms Safety classes for Matthew and Louisa.

Monday was so nice out side. In the evening Stella came out to get me while I went to the garden. As the sun was setting it made her hair look like flames in the wind.

Monday I tore the snowblower apart again.

I did discover why it wouldn't turn over.

There is a technical reason: It was broken.

I had to run over to Darrows to borrow a deep 15/16" socket to get the fly-wheel off. But here, under the fly-wheel you can see that the charger coils were broken and catching on the bottom of the fly-wheel. The broken teeth from the starter got under the fly-wheel and knocked the charger mount off the block.

I don't have any electrical systems on the snowblower that use the charger, so I'll just discard it and put the thing back together.

Before Firearms training this evening I went to a shop in TR to pick up a new magneto for the spark assembly. The old one was also damaged by the cogs from the starter gear.

So, Tuesday morning and here's the new magneto in place.

All I have to do is remember where every piece goes and I'll be fine.

The snowblower started nicely (yes, Dad, I did remember to refill the oil). It's actually running when I took this photo.

Johnny was so happy, "Daddy fixed the snowblower! Daddy fixed the snowblower!" It's his birthday tomorrow, Wednesday. He was so excited when I let him help me turn in some of the bolts on the engine.

In spare time over the past few months I've been working on one of the bow staves that I split from my Dad's windfall ash tree.

I marked out a graph on the garage wall to aid in tillering. Here, Matthew is pulling down so I can take this photo. This graph helps me know where to do the fine tuning of the bow so that it bends equally and smoothly.

I've got to get a hanging scale so I can keep the weight consistent in the tillering.

Right now the stave weighs about 8 oz. and can be braced. At bracing it pulls about 25 lbs. A bit further out it is around 40 lbs.

The stave itself is only about 48 inches long. I hope to keep it between 30 and 40 lbs at a 28 inch draw.

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