Friday, September 21, 2007

The Snow Blower

Friday, Alyssa came to do the bulletin. I helped a small bit, but I had a garage to clean and a snow blower to fix. Grandpa K. left us a lot of lumber on his last visit and I put it away today. I cleaned up the garage a bit so I could work on the snow blower.

The snow blower has been frozen solid since February. Today was a warm day, and it's better to work in warmth than cold.

I got the engine off the snow blower and started dissecting it.

The rotor in the thrower part of the body moved fine without the engine attached.

After a while of dissection I found at least one problem. Whatever had frozen the snow blower had caused the starter gear to strip.

Here you can see some of the missing and broken cogs from the starter gear.

I called Hardware Hank in TRF and Al had a kit for replacing the gear. So I went to TRF, got the kit, made a deposit for Wednesday School offerings, and came home to put the blower back together.

While the engine was detached from the body I could get the shaft to rotate. I replaced the starter gear and shroud, put the engine back together, and put the engine back onto the body of the snow blower.

Now the engine will not turn. My guess is that the problem is in the rotor transmission and break. That will have to be tomorrow's project, or another day.

I had the kids set up the tent today to make sure it wasn't peed on by one of our cats. They had fun all afternoon playing in it while I worked on the snow blower. This evening, after devotion, Louisa, Elsie, Clara, Sophie, and John went out to sleep in the tent overnight. It's probably going to get to 35 degrees tonight. They've got plenty of blankets, and this particular tent is warm. But it might be a bit of a restless night for Mary and me should they start getting cold.

Now, I have to finish memorizing my sermon for tomorrow morning.

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