Thursday, September 27, 2007

Odd Storms, Harvest, and Donna

Well, not exactly in that order. I tried to get some photos of the hail that fell, but they didn't turn out. However, the photos of Donna are pretty good.

I'm busy preparing my sermon for this weekend and the two sermons for the weekends we'll be on vacation.

We're heading to my cousin Jenni's wedding north of Millacs. The wedding is 10/6. Sunday the 7th we'll head to a state park for some camping.

After the camping we'll head down to my parents' place for a few days.

I've got deacons reading the sermon and serving Prime on the three Sunday congregations. Pastor Stafford is taking my Saturday congregation.

This week everyone who planted soybeans is harvesting. And we've had a few strong thunderstorms to mess up the harvest.

So when the crop is dry enough the farmers harvest--as long as they can until it's all in.

It's not unusual to see two or three combine harvesters in a field running non-stop. The tractor pulling the gravity wagon in this photo will drive up alongside a combine so that the combine can keep running while it off-loads. The gravity wagon is hauled to a waiting truck that can hold 4 or 5 loads from a gravity wagon. The truck then takes the beans to storage or to the elevator for sale.

Whether a farmer stores or sells his crop depends on how much storage he has and what the price is.

There was a small breeze this evening. After Matt, Louisa and I got back from Firearms safety class we saw that Greg was harvesting the field next to our parsonage. If there was no breeze then there would be a huge cloud of dust around the combine. Driving the harvester in no wind and in a breeze that travels the same direction and speed as the combine can make seeing the crop a bit difficult. Greg had two combines on this field until very late. They didn't miss anything.

There's a field on the way to TR that has quite a bit of strips of beans that were missed during a night time harvest. My guess is too much dust to see and not enough light. It's kind of sad, because looking over about 160 acres of harvested field there are enough missed little strips that could probably add up to a couple of acres. But going back to get them would be too expensive.


Jettie said...

hi there ~from a fellow neighbor!! so good to see others interested ...what a treat!!when he's late ... late in the fields!! we wait up too!! and they always love to know they had company watching at any time!!

check us out!!

Joe Abrahamson said...

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the link to your blog. What a fun read. I hope you don't mind, I'm putting the link to your blog on mine under the title "Our Neighbors."

Jettie said...

hi Don't mind abit!!!!!!!!!
I love pics and love peeking in too!! And love having peekers!!!