Monday, September 10, 2007

My Grandparents

These two people holding my new daughter, Donna, are my last living Grandparents.

I'm 40 years old now. This December I'll be 41. Osama bin Laden is only 9 years older than I am. Will Farrel is 7 months younger than I am.

I have two living grandparents while I am 40 years old. I'm thankful to God that I have been able to know them through all these years.

While Grandpa and Grandma have been staying with us this past week I have enjoyed several stories from them both about those who have gone before us.

Tomorrow they will be heading home to Morton, MN. And I will have shut-in visits and Bible Study from the morning until late in the evening.

I put a couple of pictures of them with Donna on this post. Donna's middle name is LouElla. That's my Grandmother's first name. Donna LouElla is the first grandchild named after my Grandmother.

Maybe God will grant us another child to name after my Grandfather. We're not greedy when it comes to children. We just accept whatever God gives to us.

I have several recordings of Grandpa's experiences in WWII on Saipan and Tarawa. He was enlisted in the Marine Corps. during WWII.

Grandpa has talked to my youth groups over the past few years about his experiences during WWII. On Sunday evening Grandpa and Grandma both attended and contributed to our Lutheran Youth Society meeting.

In a few weeks I'll go on vacation. My 4 congregations will deal with life without me. One of the events we will attend during this vacation is my cousin, Jenni's, wedding. Her wedding will be a family reunion of sorts.

I guess that those who read this blog have extended family that they know only through rare visits and reunions. Please keep your own families in your prayers. Pray that they may know the Grace of God in Jesus Christ and have the certain hope of the eternal resurrection.

Sorry, I apologize that this post was rather chaotic and disjointed.

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