Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mabel's Funeral

Friday both Mary and I were a bit slow. It was not unusual for us to stay up like this in college and be able to recover quickly. That was only 20 years ago. That shouldn't slow us down that much.

I had a bad case of hay fever when I was driving home last night. The ragweed was in full bloom down by mom and dads. It was a bit less today, but still pretty active. Alyssa came to do the bulletins. We got both the bulletins for the funeral and for weekend worship finished. I finished all three sermons for this weekend and went to work memorizing them.

Glen and Linda showed up with their family to mow the church yard. Even in the middle of all the things they are going through, both last week, when they were dealing with telling Mabel she had cancer, and now today, they still come out here to mow.

Louisa came with me to the visitation. We stopped at Walmart, got a new tire and some groceries. There were a lot of people at the visitation, and so many stayed for the devotion, sermon, and stories that it was standing room only. Arlan videotaped the evening and webcast the video for the relatives that couldn't be here. Louisa stayed at the funeral home to be with Glen, Linda, Edwin and Ione. I finished shopping and went home.

Jessica brought Louisa home later on while I was memorizing for the morning. Mary and I got to bed at a decent hour.

Saturday we had worship at Mt. Olive. I canceled Sat. School and Confirmation class because the funeral was just an hour after worship ended. I had Alyssa copy 250 bulletins. We had help today folding them and distributing them. I think there were maybe half a dozen open seats. We easily had more than 250 people in the church for the funeral. It was a beautiful day with a strong breeze out of the South. A large group came to the graveside.

My head is still spinning with all the conversations I had with family members. I'm sorry that I didn't get a photo of this, but there was one floral arrangement with a kid sized toy lawnmower on it right next to the pulpit. The joke is that Mabel loved to keep her yard mowed. Any free moment she had she took the opportunity to get out and mow the lawn. Now I know where Glen gets it from.

Please keep Mabel's family in your prayers.

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