Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Picnic

Sunday, after the three worship services, I managed to update the Sunday School schedules on the church web page for the Upper and Middle Levels. I'll finish entering the Lower Level Tues morning.

Matthew took off with the Berniers on Saturday. He spent Sunday with them at their family's cabin. Monday morning Mary went to pick him up.

We set out at about 11am to Old Mill State Park for our annual Labor Day picnic. We spent the day with Rolf and Dort, Lane and Diane, Skip and Linda; and some of each of our children mixing together.

After building structures in the sand the younger children wanted to be sand/mud zombies.

Clara is flying in the background.

Matt is chopping off Caleb's head.

I guess that's what zombies do. Having seen quite a few zombie movies myself, I thought they wanted to eat living human brains. I guess I like these kid-zombies better.

That reminds me of the time my brother, Jeremy, and I saw "The Night of the Living Dead" for the first time. It was a New Year's eve in the early 1980s. Our neigbors, Bud and Dorothy, were visiting. And there was an ice storm outside. Just as the zombies broke into the house in the movie the power went out. Jeremy and I kept each other awake for a long time with ghost stories that night.

Kid-zombies have to wash off before they can roast marshmallows.

Lane accompanied me while I tried some fly-fishing in the creek. I caught a half-a-dozen or more fish. But calling them fish is really only identifying the kind of critter they were. They were all chubs. Nice sized ones, about 6 inches. Fun to catch. But they're like Smelt. It takes a lot to feed a person.

When we were finishing up roasting marshmallows Stella stepped on one of the roasting prongs and burned two streaks in her foot.

But she was able to keep everyone entertained later on in the evening.

After we got home I put some honey on her feet. She'll be fine tomorrow.

Ryan and Daniel stayed with us and the younger children through the day. The older girls took off after the main meal.

We wrapped everything up around 7pm and got ready to go home.

Old Mill is about 65 miles from our place going through TRF. It's a really nice park.

And I'd like to thank Rolf and Dort, Lane and Diane, Skip and Linda and all their children for a wonderful day.

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