Sunday, September 30, 2007

How We Spent Our 18th Anniversary

Sunday started with worship at St. Petri-Grygla, then Nazareth-Trail, and Oak Park-Oklee.

Then Matthew, Louisa and I went to the Pennington Co. Sportsmen Club for their field day and examination in Firearms Safety.

I took this course in 1978 or 79, something like that, and it sure seems that the course is easier than I remember it.

Of course, then, we could bring our own guns. Now that's a "no no."

They took the written exam first in the clubhouse, then the kids were divided up into three groups, based on who got out of the test first.

Here's Matthew at the fence crossing station with his instructor and partner. Matthew and his partner both got caught up in the barbed wire a bit, but they did well and passed. The important thing was that the person holding the guns didn't fall.

Here's Louisa at the range. The facility is rather nice, but it could use a bit of upkeep. I'm thinking of taking the course to become an instructor. The problem that we've always had is that the courses were most often scheduled when a pastor's family couldn't attend.

Those times happen to be when non-pastors' families could attend, but then, pastors are a bit like vampires, we tend to be awake and working when others sleep, we work on days when others rest and relax, and we work on the days they work too. And lately I spend a lot of time around coffins.

After the out of doors activities and the meal, the students had to clean the firearms. Here's Louisa with her friend and her friend's mother. All of them being very fastidious about how shiny the metal on the gun looked.

Well, we got home. Matthew and Louisa passed their course. They can hunt now.

So I loaded up the car with my Wife and our baby and we were going out to eat at a fancy, schmantsy restaurant for our anniversary!! Prime Rib at the Lantern, here I come!!!

We tried the Lantern--closed. Grr.

We tried the Evergreen--closed. Grrrr.

We tried the Black Cat--closed. Grrrrrr.

We tried the Best Western--closed. GRR.


We went to Handy Farms--They'd changed their menu- nothing was gluten free.


I paid for the ice tea I ordered and we left. We went to the grocery store and bought a couple of expensive steaks and a couple of giant portabella mushrooms.

I made broiled stuffed mushrooms, broiled steak and broiled hash-browns with Iced Jones' Pure Cane Sugar Cream Soda for supper.
We told the kids to go into the basement and not come up until we were done.

The food was good. My wife is great. I was looking forward to some prime-rib, but this was better. I just wish that I'd have known about Pennington Co's pietistic background. It's okay that people have Sunday off. I don't begrudge them that.

It's just...well..

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