Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hey, Ben!

Ben, thank you and Todd for coming to visit us on Saturday.

And let your parents know how much we appreciate both of you stopping by.

Ben was one of my groomsmen when Mary and I were married.

In the last 6 years since I have served as Pastor for Clearwater Lutheran Parish, Ben has visited us each year except one.

When Ben comes he usually brings us some aged cheese from the Wisconsin Cheese Factory. Mary and I are grateful because he has brought us some Cheddar Cheese that has been aged 7 and 16 years. We know that this is expensive. I usually break out a wine that I have made from our local flora, and Mary, Ben, and I enjoy the gifts of the earth that God has given to us.

But this visit was short. Ben lives in Madison and has a job as an arbitrator for the State of Wisconsin. Todd had to return to his vocation in Manitowok, WI.

I'm glad that Ben and Todd could stop by for this brief visit. After a short 2 hours, Ben and Todd, take their leave and say "Till we meet again."

Ben and Todd are both facing serious issues with how to take care of their parents as they age. Please keep them in our prayer.

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