Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Johnny!

Wednesday I had a lot of office work to catch up on. Then Wed. School. We had Bible Study scheduled for St. Petri, but with most of the members who would come dealing with hospital visits or on vacation we decided to postpone.

Wed. is also John's birthday. And we had a really nice party for him this evening. 3 different passes at his candles and he didn't get a single one out! Mary rotated the cake so the candle were near him and he blew each one out individually. I guess that makes 15 girl friends. And he's only 4!

Regular readers will know that Johnny is our motor head. He loves Mater and Lightning (well, anything with wheels and an engine really, whether fictional or real).

My aunt Laurie made this quilt for my Mom and Dad to give Johnny today along with the pillow case. John noticed right away that Sally and the other girl cars weren't on the pillow case.

He got his own "laptop computer" so Mary can keep him occupied in learning while she's teaching the older kids. Of course, Stella was quite jealous. After all, her birthday was just last week. And this is a new toy.

And did she ever want to play with it.

That brings up one of the first terms I remember learning in my Child Dev. Psychology courses: sibling rivalry. And, we have plenty of case studies available for any researcher who's interested. Just come for dinner and stay through clean-up. You'll have enough for a paper or two.

John showed exuberant glee at every present, no matter how big, how small, whether bought or hand made.

Maybe that's why he has 15 girl friends. He got a new plastic Mater tow truck. His other one is pretty much worn out.

He can only sleep with his cars and trucks so many times before they start to lose paint and wheels.

Incidentally, John is on the top bunk. So when he rolls over and a car is near the edge, well, Clara and Sophie have developed a defensive sleeping position to avoid falling vehicles.

And here he is bubbling with happiness that his sisters, Clara and Sophie have drawn pictures and written words for him to open on his birthday.

He does pout too. And he puts on an exceptionally good look of sad puppy dog eyes and protruding lower lip when Dad says that he can't go with on a visit or off to Firearms Safety classes with Matthew and Louisa.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Jeremy called this evening to wish John a happy birthday. He talked with them for a good while.

He keeps asking, "When will Jeremy come home?" So, big brother, Jeremy, you've got quite a fan in your little brother. I bet if you write a letter just to him that he'll sleep with it until its tatters and shreds. He's kind of like a crow, filling his nest with all the things he finds valuable.

We're so thankful to have all our children, and we thank God that He has allowed us to have John over these 4 short years. May He grant that we can see him grow up strong in God's grace in Christ.

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