Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Stella!

Today was fairly busy. I have been under the weather since Wed. morning, either with a gluten reaction or with some kind of bug. So I did office work today and made Shut-in appointments for Friday.

I got some arrangements made for the Shoot-out on Sunday and for Winkel on Monday.

Mary took the kids to the library this afternoon.

And our kid's tutor (Laura V.) arrived at 5 this evening. So we invited her to supper and the birthday party.

I don't think she knew really what she was getting herself into when I asked her. I just told her the menu. She accepted.

Stella was enthralled with her candles and cake. She ended up having 1 boy-friend because she only got 1 candle blown out at first. Who the guy is, I'd like to know.

I made honey glazed lime chicken breast, chorizzo corn, and baby potatoes in butter and garlic for supper. The kids all seemed to like it. I made a lot and there wasn't much left.

Mary made a gluten free spice cake that tasted very nice.

I choreographed the clean-up while Mary fed Donna (remember, she's the food source, I'm the entertainment center).

After getting the dishes put away (Thanks, Laura, for the help) we went into the Living Room for gift opening.

"My presents!" Stella is getting pretty good at expressing herself.

Laura stayed for the gift opening. I'm not really sure what kind of impression we left on her as a family through all our supper time antics and such. But she said she'd come back on Monday to continue tutoring. That's a good sign, at least.

Just after the gift opening, Grandma, Grandpa, and Jeremy called to sing happy birthday to Stella.

Louisa, being the socialite of the family, went to get the phone and dominated it for the first few minutes. But eventually she brought it to Stella.

So, Grandpa, Grandma, and Jeremy; here's what you couldn't hear and couldn't see at your end of the phone. Stella might not have said very much. But she gave you a big kiss through the phone.

She loves you, we love you. Thank you for a nice birthday.

Stella took the baby doll you gave her to bed with her tonight. "My Donna" she called it.

And, holding the doll, she smiled at me as I turned out her light.

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