Friday, September 28, 2007

Grygla and Fosston

Clara enjoyed a nice little tumble with Stella and John today.

I went on shut-in calls by Grygla, came home, and then Mary and I took Donna to Fosston for her 2 month checkup. Yep, she's two months old (yesterday).

While we were in Fosston I visited shut-ins there.

Up at Grygla, Blanch is recovering from her back injury a bit, but she still needs surgery. They plan on the surgery sometime in a week or so. Please keep her in your prayers.

Down in Fosston, Esther seems to be doing pretty well in dealing with her broken pelvis. She does have quite a bit of pain at times. Please keep her in your prayers.

Also in Fosston, Betty is not doing well. For the past couple of days she has rarely been coherent. During devotion she opened her eyes a couple of times and tried to say the Lord's Prayer and the Apostles' Creed with me. But I kept on reading Scripture, and singing some hymns. God's Promise is that His Word is effective. It does not depend on our abilities. Please keep her in your prayers.

I tried to snap a photo of a hummingbird moth. I missed the moth, but the flowers looked nice, sort of. It was dark out. And those little critters are so quick.

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